Damage assessment, condition assessment and inspection services

MQ Engineering GmbH offers inspection services in the form of damage assessment and damages analyses as well as condition assessments in the fields of plant systems and plant engineering, mechanical engineering, engine construction and shipbuilding.

The assessment and evaluation is based on the results of mechanical-technological, non-destructive test methods, metallographic examinations, chemical analyses and scanning electron microscopic examinations by ascertaining the compliance with certain established or general requirements on the basis of a professional judgment.

A team of experienced engineers and technicians determines on the basis of initial information, photos or a visual inspection on site the scope of examinations and assessments to be carried out. Our employees consider every task individually and in close cooperation with the client. The assessment and evaluation of the examination results is carried out by our engineers and experts and can, if necessary, also be performed by the publicly appointed and sworn-in expert for the inspection of metallic materials and for damage analysis, Dr.- Ing. F. Ahrens.