Materials testing and material examinations

MQ Engineering GmbH offers a wide range of practical services in the field of material testing and material examinations. An overview of the examination and test methods is given in the individual subitems of the corresponding procedures.

This also includes the execution of procedure and work tests in order to obtain the qualification for welding procedures as well as the execution of the non-destructive and destructive tests on welding test pieces for the personnel qualification.

Special care is exercised to ensure the reliability in the matter of measurement and test results. The measuring and test equipment used for this are constantly monitored and calibrated by registered external institutions according to the standard stipulations and the specifications of the DAkkS. Samples for the ascertainment of material parameters are manufactured according to the valid standards and are constantly checked by appropriate measurement methods.

MQ Engineering GmbH regularly takes part in external quality controls in the form of qualifying examinations (e.g. round robin tests) in order to sustained ensure quality.